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Top Few Tips To Win The Boxing Fight

September 1, 2015

Boxing is a sensitive game. If you are not well trained when it comes to boxing then it can be a life taking endeavour too or it can cause never curable injuries at times. So, a few tips should always be in your mind while you box with your opponent. The first thing that you have remember is you have to be very careful about your punching and defense, while boxing be very cautious about every movement whether it is made by his hand, head or feet. Alertness is the main thing which matter in this kind of a game. Another important tip is that while boxing you should keep your full weight in the center. The training strategies and the guideline of an experienced boxer is what matters the most. Keep your cool and be calm while boxing to avoid fatal incidents.

Learn from every Mistake-

A good learner will always be open to criticism. So, when you are not up to the mark and scolded and criticized for it, take it in a constructive and sporting manner. Take deep and long breathes frequently to fight for a longer time. The inhaling and exhaling should always be in a ratio of 1:2. Remember to punch tightly on your bag while practice to keep your stamina to box for a greater period of time. For boxing training the most crucial factor is not to practice till you get fully exhausted. Do not over train yourself. Always be humble and accept your weakness. When you are knocked down by your opponent then ask him how he defeated you and get boxing tips and the weak points of yours which he had guessed, which helped him defeat you easily and quickly. While training yourself always drink plenty of water.

Punch at the Target-

Boxing is to focus on the opponent and if you are aware of his weakness and behavior to specific attacks. You had won the fight half. Punch by turning your whole body. Another tip is to punch a bit slower will be a harder hit, than punching fast. To knock out your opponent use combo light and hard punches. Give a job to the head and immediately give a right hand punch to the body. Never open yourself to counters from your opponent. At a go give 4-5 punch combos, not 10-11 combos together, because many together will make you lose your breathe and you will lack energy. Punching needs right timing, with your eyes on your target. Never hold your breath while punching and never ever look at the ground.

Defend yourself from Attacks-

Keep your head strong and your calm while boxing. Never panic and keep on breathing at a right pace. Please keep a continuous movement of the head with your hands high and elbows low. Store your energy; never misuse it by running about frequently around the ring. Pivoting is a must to escape from getting countered. Don’t only stand and wait for your opponent’s combo attacks to finish, interrupt his attacks and do the needful. Block his attacks, but don’t end up to blocking only and not attacking back. So, to be successful boxer keep you’re all sense organs open and active.

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