Will Holloway is the owner and instructor of Aikido Heiwa - Martial Arts for Peace. He trains in several disciplines of Japanese Budo including Aikido, Nihon Goshin Aikijutsu, and traditional Japanese weapons (Sword and Staff), and he has a Chinese Wushu (Wing Tsun & Hsing Yi) background.

Mr. Holloway is a certified instructor of Aikikai, ASU and NGA organizations.

Will Holloway's true love for the practice of Aikido and teaching is very apparent from the first moment a visitor enters the dojo and sees a class. Aikido Heiwa is a great place to train and make friends. Practical martial arts training is our main goal and fun is what we have while learning. Come on in!
Visitors are always welcome. If at all possible please call ahead so that we know you are coming, but if you are in the neighborhood, just drop in.

The Dojo (School) location:

6812 196th St. SW., Lynnwood WA, 98036.

We can be reached by email : aikido.school@verizon.net
By phone:
425 - 774 - 0915
From I-5 North or South, get off at exit 181 for 'Lynnwood', then head west on 196th for a little less than 2 miles. We will be on the left (south) side of the main road west to Edmonds. You will cross 44th, Hwy 99, and 68th. We are right after the light at 68th.
From Hwy 99, just head west onto 196th for a bit over 1/4 mile.
From Edmonds, near the Sound, head up the main road, as if going towards Lynnwood and Alderwood. The dojo will be on the right (South) side of 196th about 1/3 mile after 76th.
Aikido Heiwa is a SELF - DEFENSE and RECREATIONAL Martial Arts organization for all people in all walks of life. Whatever your age, sex, or physical abilities, we can tailor your training to your own pace. We require dedicated students so please plan to visit several classes before applying for enrollment. We want students to take their decision to train seriously and not as a whimsical choice.

We have a full schedule of classes for Men,Women and Children as well as for families who want to train together. There are relaxed training sessions as well as more formal and intensive "Budo" classes with a heavier work load.

Our schedule also includes early morning and mid-day classes with flexible times for working / commuting folks that want to train during the day. The schedule will also grow as the dojo needs arise.

What we do:

Practical martial arts skills for realistic situations. The martial arts training is also providing skills that can be used more practically (since statistically most people do not get attacked), like increased coordination, balance, physical fitness and the confidence to work through everyday situations.

What we do not do:

*Fancy, fighting techniques that have little value in a real conflict and that could actually get you hurt. No inappropriate skills for a given body type. No "points sparring" or competitive or sport fighting games. Not that those are bad, they are just a different activity. Sport martial arts have rules that don't apply in real-world situations and interaction.

What we do:

NOTHING FANCY, JUST PRACTICAL MARTIAL ARTS AND SELF- DEFENSE TRAINING. Techniques designed for an individual not a group. Whether you want strict self-defense, or simple training fun, or both as your focus, we have a program to fit your lifestyle and physical abilities.

What we do not do:

*Contracts or lengthy financial obligations that promise a black belt if you pay enough.

*Testing fees. Many martial arts programs are run as if money sprouts in our gardens. Not only do they charge monthly tuition, but every time a promotion occurs there is a testing fee, and expenses for new belts etc...We believe that a student EARNS their way to promotion so they should not have to pay for it too.

*Hidden costs. Martial arts schools often rope in new customers with fancy promotions and seemingly "great deal" memberships like $20 first month's tuition and 'free uniform' but then one finds that it costs more to join this or that special club. "You want to go all the way to Black belt? Oh, then you need to join our Ninjas club" It only costs an additional 40 dollars per month....." More than two classes a week? Oh, that costs extra. Then there are special function costs. "That seminar is only 300 more dollars." Etc....